September 11


Comfy Furniture Station Is an Agent of the Furniture Wholesaler,All the products you purchased In Comfy Furniture Station,All the parts of the product are Missing ,Product Defects or Warranty and replacement must be approved by each Wholesaler's Policy. Comfy Furniture Furniture Will Do Our Best to Fight for your Benefits and Help you with you Problem.

* Parts Missing : Any Missing Part You Have to Contact Us ,and let Us Know ABout it , And we will Mail it To you For any Missing Part Or you can Come Pick it Up 

Part Missing Usually Take 1 to 4 Weeks Or Could Be Longer For Us to Mail it to you . 

*Merchandise Damage : ALl Customers Must Bring the Product to Comfy Furniture Station Store For Exchange Or Replacement .

Send us a message. We will reply as soon as we can.